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fin-index Agents

A fin-index Agent, is an ambassador who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of fin-index as a company. fin-index agents may organize seminars and training on behalf of the company, and they may be given decision-making authority. your investment capital and profits.

  • Agents will attend a two weeks training all paid for by the company.
  • Agents would be on a monthly salary of $3,200.00.
  • Agents have all expense paid trip to seminars which are hosted in his/her continent of residence.
  • Agents are entitled to vacation fully sponsored by the company after at least six months of membership.
  • Agents will host seminars in his/her continent, all sponsored by the company.
  • Agents will have an office set up for them by the company in his/her continent of residence.

These benefits will only be enjoyed by a fully registered fin-index Global Agent. However, non agents are not eligible to these benefits, ie, you have to go through the registration process to be qualified. A one time payment of $12,000 will be paid to complete your application.